A unique natural product
Horse’s milk consists of a lot of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and K), minerals (iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus) and micronutrients. It is albumin-rich (this makes the milk more easily digestible) and low-fat (1%), which is for a large part polyunsaturated. Because our horse’s milk is drunk straight from nature, hygiene is very important and samples are regularly checked by an authorized lab.

Horse’s milk is recommended

  • in case of metabolic disorders, it stimulates the internal cleansing
  • in case of irregular bowel motion, intestinal rumbling, inflation and tympanites
  • bin case of problems with digestion, flatulence, belching and nausea
  • in case of impure skin, rash and intolerance (cow’s milk, sun or tussocks)
  • in case of stiff joints and ailments of old age
  • for a sooner recovery after an operation
  • for people that are often tired and under a lot of stress
  • as an energy supplement for sports people

Horse’s milk strengthens the body, increases the resistance and boosts a person’s energy and vitality. Because of its unique composition and light digestibility it offers special relief during a period of convalescence. In brief, horse’s milk is very healthy food which can reduce and prevent a lot of symptoms from appearing or it can be drunk as a preventative means to stay fit and healthy in a natural way.

The use of horse’s milk
For healthy persons a cure of 4 weeks once in a while is sufficient to maintain a good intestinal flora. The recommended daily intake is 1/4 liter. People with health problems may experience an aggravation during the first weeks because of the expulsion of all waste products from the body.
In most cases the first improvement is experienced after four weeks. From this moment onwards one has to drink the milk until all complaints have disappeared, which can take several months depending on the gravity of the ailment. In a lot of cases one can gradually reduce the drinking of the milk after a period of time, but one may never stop suddenly, not even when the ailment has gone.
Chronically sick patients will have to continue the intake of milk for a lasting result. Incurably ill people cannot be cured with horse’s milk either, but it can bring considerable relief to the body.
The best thing to do during a cure is to continue your prescribed diet and medicine.

People allergic to horses: take a small nip first and if one is allergic to it, which rarely happens, one will notice it immediately.