[one_half first]How is horse’s milk sold and what does it cost?

  • 1 litre fresh milk: 8,00 EUR
  • Frozen milk for one course of treatment (7 litres): 54,00 EUR
  • Frozen buttermilk (raspberry) for one course of treatment (7 litres):
    64,00 EUR
  • Freeze-dried powdered milk for one week (140 gr): 33,00 EUR
  • Freeze-dried powdered milk for one course of treatment (560 gr):
    125,00 EUR
  • Capsules for one course of treatment (90×600 mg): 30,00 EUR
    Prices do not include transport.

How can I obtain horse’s milk?

  • All the products can be purchased in our shop on the premises during opening hours.
  • All our products can also be ordered by telephone, fax or email and delivered to your home address by courier or by post.

Ice cream
Delicious and healthy ice cream made of fresh horse’s milk. Little sugar, low-fat. Without colourings, flavourings and preservatives. In small (2 scoops) or large packaging (1l). Flavours: vanilla, mocha & chocolate (other flavours made to order).

Delicious horse’s milk liqueur of 18 degrees with cocos (bottle 70 cl).

Delicious horse milk advocaat, 18° proof (jar 0.5 l).[/one_half][one_half]Brabanderhofs Powdered Horse’s Milk, unique in Belgium!
In addition to the frozen fresh horse’s milk, buttermilk and drinking yoghurt powdered horse’s milk is also now available. The milk is freeze-dried (the only way of retaining all its qualities) into powder form.
The name Brabanderhof Powdered Horse’s Milk guarantees 100% pure, freeze-dried, powdered horse’s milk, without the addition of any preservatives, flavourings or colourings. Its properties are identical to those of fresh horse’s milk. This powder is ideal for holidays, trips abroad or if you do not have a deep freeze.

Daily recommended amount: 20 gr. powder (1 bag).
The powder can be dissolved in water or simply be eaten (e.g. on bread or in a pot of yoghurt).

Important storage advice
Consume within 1 year. Store in a cool and dry place.

Body care products
Because horse’s milk contains a lot of vitamins, which can be taken up by the skin, and stimulates skin saturation, it has a very favourable effect on a lot of skin and hair disorders. Horse’s milk consists of material that stimulates the cellulation and increases the skin’s resistance. Due to these characteristics these products containing a high percentage of horse’s milk are perfectly appropriate for the daily care of skin and hair. People with dry, sensitive or problem skin often see substantial improvement. Animal testing is not used for any of our products.

Our milk processing area complies with all hygiene and quality standards.

For more info: please contact us![/one_half]